3 Basic Stretching Exercises At Home And At Work

Exercising is important to our health. We often forget to exercise because of our busy schedule. This can lead to feeling sluggish or being too tired. It can also result to anxiety. But did you know there’s a way to squeeze a bit of exercise while at work?

Here are three basic stretching routines you can do at work and at home:

Hands Loose

Close your hands and stretch them out. Make circles with each hand and count to ten. Afterwards, shake it off.

Upper Body Stretch

Inhale. Turn to the right and grab your chair’s back with your right hand. Grab the arm of the chair with the left hand as you exhale. Twist the torso as much as you can and then release. Do the same for your left side.

Leg Stretch

While on the floor, grab your seat and stretch your legs. Make sure to flex and point your toes repeatedly.

These are some of the basic stretches you can do wherever you go. Even if you’re busy working, there should still be time for our physical and mental health.

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