5 New Year’s Resolutions This 2018 That Doesn't Involve Weight Loss

It’s the time of the year once again when promises are made and we hope we continue them until the end of the year. Of course, we have the usual New Year’s resolutions, like losing weight, eating less, being more active with life, and more. But more often than not, we forget to make resolutions to make us live a better and more content life.

Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions for a New You in 2018:

  1. Spend more time with your family and friends

Get rid of the “I’m busy with work” excuse. Spend as much time as you can with your family and friends. Sure, work is what gets food on the table, but don’t forget, these people are the ones that make your heart full. To a job, you are replaceable; to your family, you are irreplaceable.

  1. Be true to yourself (at all times)

With social media, we can’t help but compare ourselves to others. The problem with comparing yourself to others is that you’ll never know when it’s enough. You won’t find contentment, which will push you down to depression. Be you; love you.

  1. Understand that your happiness matters

Don’t waste the effort pleasing everyone. Pursue what makes you happy. Your happiness is yours, and yours alone, so own it. Pursue your dreams no matter what. Don’t let other people tell you otherwise. Again, listen to your inner voice and be yourself.

  1. Be more positive

Try to see things in a more positive light. Face your problems head-on. Believe there’s always a way to overcome your financial problems, your relationship issues, or your family drama. Accept that things don’t always go to plan, but there’s always a solution. Trust that you can solve them, and then you will.

  1. Enjoy what you have

Life is not about the grand things. Embrace what you have wholeheartedly because you worked hard for it. Count your blessings. See the beauty in every small thing, like breathing, having a roof above you, or having food to eat.

Enough with the old, and pursue a new, better you. This 2018, being more content should be the goal.