5 Tips When Sending A Balikbayan Box

It’s almost the Christmas season, so you’re most likely thinking of sending a balikbayan box to your loved ones in the Philippines. Make sure your family receives your gifts safely by remembering these five tips when sending a balikbayan box:

1. Send allowable goods

The are specific allowable items you can send, such as canned goods, clothes, bags, and grocery items for personal consumption and use. Avoid sending goods strictly prohibited from entering the Philippine, such as:

  • Drugs and other prohibited substances
  • Firearms and explosives, including toy guns
  • Jewelries
  • Cash of any currency, checks, and anything to do with money
  • Pirated items (VCDs, DVDs, VHS, CDs, tapes)
  • Pornographic and gambling materials

2. There’s a US$500 limit

The items you send must be a total of US$500. Going over this limit may be subjected to additional fees. If you exceed, your beneficiary may have to pay more just to claim the items.

3. Keep things organized.

Place the items into the box in an orderly manner. Otherwise, your items may get damaged. Secure the items tightly and leave no space for the items to move. If you’re sending bottled items, wrap it in cloth to avoid spillage.

4. Declare all items

For your safety and security, declare what’s in the box. This will be helpful, especially when items go missing. It is safer to declare the price for each item so that the Bureau of Customs can properly compute taxes (if applicable).

5. Monitor and track the delivery

Write down your shipper’s name and contact details. Keep the tracking number they provide. This will help you feel secure with the delivery. You can also monitor the shipment of your box. Most shippers lets you track your balikbayan box on their website. You can also track your balikbayan box by visiting Bureau of Custom’s tracking page here.

The Christmas season is the season of giving. Make sure your loved ones receive the gifts you send by keeping these 5 tips in mind.

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Do you have other tips when it comes to sending a balikbayan box to your loved ones? Share them with us!