ABRA: New Payment Option On Sendah

What is ABRA?

ABRA is a mobile app that lets you send money and make online purchases with your smartphone. Instant, direct, and secure, enjoy hassle-free transactions at the tip of your fingers even without a credit card!

Where to download ABRA?

To download ABRA, simply visit https://goo.gl/ZJtl9i to get the app.

How to use ABRA on Sendah?

1.     Upon checkout, choose ABRA as your payment method. 

2.     On the Pay via Abra page, select your country calling code from the dropdown, and enter your phone number registered with ABRA. ABRA displays your e-wallet(s) available for payment.

3.     Click Request Payment via Abra button.

4.     Order Confirmation page will be displayed. You will receive an email from Sendah with the subject: ”Your Order is Awaiting Payment”

5.     On your ABRA App, you will receive a payment request message indicating the order placed from Ayannah.

6.     You will be given 3 options: Approve, Reject, and Decide Later. 
Click Approve, and a confirmation will appear. 
Click Yes to complete your payment.

7.     You will receive an email with the subject: “Payment Accepted” when your payment has been successful.

8.     Your Sendah order will then be processed for fulfillment.

Use ABRA to get $10 for FREE today!

Promo period: May 10, 2017 to May 31, 2017