How To Be A Motivated OFW

Having a hard time being away from the family, especially when the Christmas season is here? Don’t let loneliness and stress kill you!

Here are 4 simple ways to keep yourself motivated as an OFW:

1. Write your goals

Writing down what you want to achieve will remind you why you are working abroad. Is it to pay for your children’s tuition fees? Is it to buy your family a house? Being clear with your goals help you understand that what you’re doing is for a better life.

2. Make busyness your business

A way to get around feeling stagnant is by keeping yourself busy. You can exercise, develop a hobby, or take another side-job. Keep yourself moving at all times so that you don’t think about loneliness. Exercising is most recommendable because it will help you cope with your stresses.

3. Make new friends

Meeting new people will make you less lonely. Get to know the people around you. There might be other Filipinos in the area, so get friendly with them. Meeting new people will also help make every day a fun adventure. When you’re having fun, time goes fast. Before you know, it’s time for you to head home to your family.

4. Talk to your family regularly

When you hear their voice and listen to their stories, you will be more motivated to work harder for a better future. Remember that the reason you left is to give them a better life. With technology readily available for instant communication, keeping your family with you wherever you go is easy. Send them text messages or chat with them online. Keeping in touch with those you love will surely get you moving and working harder.

Being away from the family this Christmas season can be sad. Since giving up shouldn’t be an option, remember these four ways to keep yourself motivated to work as an OFW.