OFWs Guide To Saving Money This Christmas Season

We’ve reached the “ber” months, and that means the Christmas season is here!

The Christmas season for OFWs means coming back and seeing the whole family. But it also means spending too much, from giving pasalubongs to buying lechon for everyone to enjoy.

Avoid the stress! Here are 3 money saving tips for OFWs this Christmas season:

1. Create a budget

Plan ahead. What are you spending for? What trips will you have? What are the things you need to do or buy? Creating a budget will help you save money and enjoy at the same time. Don’t let your hard-earned money go to waste.

2. Remember why you decided to work abroad

Why are you working abroad? Is it to give your family a good life or is it to show everyone how much money you make? Even if you are on vacation, remember that the money you worked hard for should be used on the important things.

3. Keep it simple

Hard work pays well, but paying is also hard work. If you go above your budget, you will end up paying more than what you enjoyed. Keeping everything simple will help you stay within your budget and enjoy your time together as a family.

Don’t let yourself go broke and be stressed the moment you leave the Philippines again. While it is a nice gesture to treat your family, you also need to be practical. Remember why you are working really hard abroad. Don’t let your hard work go to waste. If you want to have more funds the next time you head back to the Philippines, maybe it’s time to start your very own business here.