Practical Gifts To Send To Your Family This Christmas

As an OFW, thinking of what to give your loved ones can be very stressful. With your busy schedule, you need to head over to the mall and shop with hundreds of people next to you. After finding an item, you need to determine a cost-effective way to send these gifts to the Philippines, leading you to spend much more than necessary.

This Christmas, you could make a change. Here are 3 practical gifts to send to your family:

Gift Certificates

There are times when we find an item in a store, and we immediately think of someone. He or she might like this as a gift, but what if he/she doesn’t? Sending gift certificates is a better alternative so that your loved ones will be given the freedom to choose whatever they like. This way, they appreciate your gift much more because they end up getting what they truly aspire for.

Grocery Items

With Christmas coming up, grocery stores are surely jam-packed. Going around the supermarket can lead to impatience and stress. The traffic jam is also unnecessarily adding up to this chaos. You can send your family grocery items to save them from the hassles of going to the supermarket. In this manner, you also get to be with them in spirit as such items could be used for the Noche Buena. You may not be there, but your contribution will surely be felt.

Negosyo Packages

Another practical gift you can send are Negosyo Packages. Not only will this enable them to earn money, but you also empower them to be independent and responsible. At Sendah, we are offering packages for you and your family to start your very own business. Since everyone’s going to be sending text messages and holiday greetings through their smartphones, the load will surely be a viable business to venture in.

As times are changing and items at the stores become more expensive, do think of these 3 practical gifts to send to your loved ones this Christmas. Remember, it’s not really about the material things that keep us living, but it’s the happiness we can bring to other people’s, especially our family’s, lives.